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2239  2020-11-01 Shontia Green Branding
Shontia Green

Sparkle Credit Solutions exists to take people from the lowest lows to the highest highs with their finances while simultaneously teaching them how to manage their credit and effectively budget. Think of it as liberation from the overwhelming stress associated with struggling to keep your head above water and a means of securing the bright future of which you’ve always dreamed!

Shontia Green is the remarkable woman behind Sparkle Credit Solutions. For her, this is so much more than a paycheck; it’s her undying passion to help others achieve their best life! Since an early age, she has courageously overcome profound adversity, including teen pregnancy, domestic violence, poverty, and other devastating hardships, such as the murder of her children’s father. Despite it all, Miss Green has relied on her uncanny resilience to carry her through.

After becoming the first in her family to graduate from college, Shontia emerged as a full-fledged and highly-skilled Information Technology (IT) Analyst. Straight out of school, the loving mother landed an incredible career opportunity that paid well and involved many exciting international travels. It was her first time experiencing this level of financial stability – and she didn’t take it lightly. At 26 years-old, she began to focus intensely on fixing her credit.

Over the next ten years, Green moved on to other jobs in the manufacturing, healthcare, and education sectors, developing a well-balanced professional background and tremendous confidence in her trade and financial savvy. However, she soon realized that she yearned for something much more rewarding than climbing the corporate ladder. That’s when she began to consider entrepreneurship.

In 2019, she launched Sparkle Credit Solutions, her very first business. It is a venture made possible only through her own tireless efforts and extraordinary determination, which have been driven by her faith in the Lord and the love of her children. Now, she is excited to help others rise above financial misfortunes that she, too, has encountered and conquered.

Shontia Green is living proof that anyone can survive financial ruin and bad credit. In fact, you won’t just survive it; you’ll grow from it and reach extraordinary success! And Sparkle Credit Solutions is here to guide you all the way there. Miss Green and her talented team look forward to learning your story and strategizing the perfect plan to carry you beyond your goals.

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